About Us

On The Spot Inspection is based in Seattle, Washington.  Our goal is to supply our customers with as much information about a property as we can so YOU can make an informed decision.

Home purchase is a huge investment and often a stressful time, Chris excels in calmly delivering clear, concise, detailed reports within 24 hours including photos, for your negotiation and deliberation process.

Chris is a firm believer that inspecting your side sewer, due to huge liability, should always be done! Even on new homes, often the sewer has not been addressed by the builder. Your side sewer is YOUR responsibility.  When bundled with a home inspection, the (discounted) extra cost is well worth the peace of mind. The ability to schedule the service at the same time as the home inspection eliminates the need for coordinating two vendors or scheduling two appointments.

On The Spot Inspection Owner/Inspector….. Chris Honingford.

Chris has over 30 years experience in the construction industry in many roles.

We believe that if you have built houses….clearly, you have more information.

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Call Chris at 206-676-2854

Email:  chris@onthespotinspection.com

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We accept Checks, Cash and most Cards for payment.

Military Discount Available to Active Military and Veterans

OTSI has been inspecting homes in the Seattle area since 2009.

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